Preparing to train

Passengers are required to present themselves at the train station 30 minutes before the departure time with valid tickets in hand and comply with the entry, exist or other requirements of Vietnam Railways System. So:
Please collect your tickets right after you check-in at the hotel (if you’d like us to delivery the tickets to the hotel you’re staying) or contact us as soon as possible for support if you do not receive it.

In case you choose to collect your tickets at the train stations (applied for Ha Noi Train Station and Sai Gon Train Station only), please come earlier than you’ve planned then we can manage if anything suddenly happen.

When you’re at the train station or on the cabin, please beware of pickpockets, watch out of your belongings, and try to not being dragged by any stranger because just one careless moment, you may lose money, tickets, passport and other belongings as possible. So, complete the check-in process right after you receive the announcement then looks for your train (the title of each train is stated in the head of the train and the train’s body) to board.

If any question or issue arises, kindly search for the help from the train staffs or contact us at +84 907917279.

On the train

Please stay in your cabin at your berth number and watch out of your belongings, do not put any precious things in your baggage without caring.

The services on the train are at the standard required with light snacks, mineral water, Vietnamese foods (rice, noodle…) and beverages. So, if you feel hungry or would like to have something to drink just to kill the time, it’s good to try.

Toilets are designed at the end of each carriage. For bathroom, please check with the staffs for instruction.

Baggage information

You’re suggested to bring the normal luggage on board. For excess baggage, large baggage, special baggage (pets, bulky, sporting equipment, bicycle, motorbike…) please contact with us for further information since you’re not accepted to bring them on board.

You’re also advised to carry your meditation, travel documents and valuables in your hand luggage. For easy identification, please label your baggage with full information to re-claim if any miss or lost.

Tips for traveling by train

  • Search for detail information about where you’re going as much as possible because the more you know it, the more you enjoy it then have a good plan before you’re going.
  • Travel in-group. Yes, it’s always better to travel with your friends, your family, or your beloved. More funs, more safety and save your budget.
  • Ask for help if anything happen.
  • If you’re traveling alone, please let at least one of your acquaintances know about your itinerary. In case you’re lost or in need, they will know where to find you.
  • Enjoy the local foods to get the real experience about where you’ve been to.
  • Purchase tickets at the reliable agency or trusted website.
  • Be cautions and watch out of your baggage, pickpockets are everywhere.

  • All above information are purposely conducted for references to make a difference to your journey and ensure your safety.